Programming Custom Applications

Northern Village provides custom programming in order to provide a wider service offering.

Rails symbolizing Ruby on RailsWhen a client needs a custom programming application, we first do a survey of available software to see if there is anything available that will fit the client's requirements and is affordable. If there is not other software available, then we undertake the custom development.

Our custom development is based on the same "village approach" principles that we have established in building our websites on multiple platforms.

Our application development approach: 

  • Starts with a keen understanding of a client's needs.
  • Identifies the core component(s) of the applicaiton.
  • Develops a "minimum viable product" from the core needs, so that testing can start sooner rather than later.
  • Starts building additional functionality to build out the application. Functionality is added in smaller bits to test the applicaiton as it is being built
  • Ensures that the application is built within an "easily updated website"
  • Makes sure that the application works on all major browsers, screens and accessibilty devices

Northern Village uses Ruby on Rails as its application development platform, which powers VillageCMS, Shopify, Hulu and Air BnB among many more. Two applicaitons we have created to date are: