Move to an Easily Updated Website

Are you struggling with website software that makes it hard to update your website? Or worse, are you sending your updates to your web guy who is charging you for those updates?

Easily Updated Websites in a computerNorthern Village will turn your existing website to one that is easy to edit and will work on all sizes of devices. You can manage as much of your website as you wish - replace content on your own, or only upload information that can't wait, leaving the bigger stuff to your “web team.” And you never, ever have to do an upgrade.

Moving your existing website to an easily updated website will enable you to:

  • Effortlessly make changes to content
  • Alter the design, add images, video and audio files, forms and more to your website
  • Have more control over when you publish your website, making content public immediately after making your changes, or only after you have taken time to carefully review it

You may choose to keep your current website design, which Northern Village will apply to a new, easily updated website. Or, you may opt for a new focus and fresh design (NOT a template) that conveys your core message more effectively. If your business or organization is moving in a new direction, but your website does not reflect your new focus, then this is the way to go.