Be found with good SEO

Search Engine OptimizationNorthern Village provides search engine optimization as part of every engagement. We do this in two ways. First, the Northern Village website editing software incorporates all the back end “technical stuff” that search engines like to see. Secondly, we provide a variety of tactics that you can use to increase the prominence of your website in search engine results. See subpages on the right for the details.

While Northern Village can provide search engine research services, modest websites can improve search results by staying on-message. Search engine algorithms understand good content - an effective website development process should include a focus on strong content that is easy to read and well-organized.

Once good, accurate writing is taken care of, the back end can do its job to promote website visibility online. Behind the scenes, our website editor is making sure that headings, titles, and URLs are set up so they can be easily read by search engines. A Google Sitemap of each site further helps indexing. Northern Village also submits websites to major search engines to be indexed.

Search engines now prioritize websites that the search engine deems "mobile-friendly" – ones that feature larger text, easy-to-click links and a responsive design. All Northern Village websites are created with responsive design, which benefits search engine results alongside readability across multiple devices.

Northern Village will install Google Analytics on your site to give you deeper insights into your website traffic.