Northern Village website services

We believe that the website is the most important part of your digital marketing ecosystem, and we give you full control of the the look, the content, and the flow that you want it to have. How do we do it?

First and foremost, we listen to the challenges you face, the opportunities you would like to pursue, and the image you would like to convey to your clients or market. Then we will work with you to produce a website that is tailored for you and to your budget. Some of our custom solutions often include:

Move to an easily updated website

Move to an Easily Updated Website Are you struggling with website software that makes it hard to update your website? Or worse, are you sending your updates to your web guy who is charging you for those updates? Northern Village will turn your existing website to one that is easy to edit and will work on all sizes of devices....

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Have the features you want

Have the features you want Having an easily updated website is made better with adding the components you want to your website. Easily add any of the following: ✅ Long scrolling pages as a one page sites, or as a home page ✅ Landing Pages for your marketing campaigns ✅ A blog to keep your readers up to date ✅...

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Open a store on your website

Open a store right in your website Are you looking for a simple, stylish way to sell online? Do you have a few products that you want to sell, from your website, so you don't need a full shopping cart software? Northern Village has the perfect solution creating a store right in your website. With a store in your Northern...

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Move your forms online

What form would you like online? Electronic forms are highly effective tools for collecting the information you need and directing it to where you want it to go. Northern Village uses Formstack, a form service which provides a great deal of ease and flexibility in building various forms and is brilliant in it's ability to work with the submitted data....

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Get noticed with good SEO

Be found with good SEO Northern Village provides search engine optimization as part of every engagement. We do this in two ways. First, the Northern Village website editing software incorporates all the back end “technical stuff” that search engines like to see. Secondly, we provide a variety of tactics that you can use to increase the prominence of your website...

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Energize your digital marketing

Energize your digital marketing ecosystem Northern Village can energize your digital marketing ecosystem. Whether you are just getting comfortable with the technology, or if you are looking to optimize your social media strategy, develop online newsletters or purchase digital ads, we can help. As with websites in general, the most important part is a review of how you wish to...

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No upgrades needed

No upgrades needed Are you tired of having to do website upgrades? or worrying your website does not have the latest software? It can be frustrating to install new plugins onto your site but have them break when your backend updated and is no longer compatible with your added features.  If your website is on WordPress, see our article on why we...

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Manage many websites

Easily manage many websites If you are managing many websites, it can be a very frustrating experience. With the more websites you need to manage, the more logins you need to remember, and possibly more websites to upgrade to make sure security threats are kept to a minimum. There is a better way. Northern Village can provide you with the...

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