University of Guelph Student Housing Services


Student Housing ServicesUniversity of Guelph Student Housing Services is responsible for providing on-campus housing for over 4,700 students and 300 families.

Residence halls are more than a place to live.  Providing both academic and personal support, living on campus is an integral part of the student is where campus comes to life.

Client goals

Student Housing Services wanted to review and refresh its branding, marketing, logo, and website. This included a review and analysis of the department’s current branding, past marketing and advertising initiatives, a review of competitive marketing efforts, and a review of existing marketing & communications collateral to determine its effectiveness. The website needed to be reorganized and condensed, so that different constituencies could find the information they needed quickly and easily.  Student Housing also sought to make its website fully AODA compliant.


Northern Village worked with Kazolu for the branding and marketing aspects of the project, including the development of a new logo. The website was reorganized to allow information to be easily found by different groups (new students, upper year students, parents, internal stakeholders, etc.).  The site was condensed, and new features such as a landing page news feed were added.  

The site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, tablets, computer screens and accessibility devices.