Hopewell Children's Homes

ClientHopewell Childrens Homes Website

Hopewell Children's Homes is a not-for-profit registered charity established by John and Joanna Oosterhuis in 1983 out of their home in Ariss, Ontario. The Oosterhuis family began with offering a residential option for families who could no longer care for their children with high medical needs but wanted their children to grow up in a caring and home like setting.

Hopewell’s commitment to offering high quality personal care resulted in the development of many new programs and supports over the last 30 year to children and youth with other developmental needs.

Client goals

More than anything else, Hopewell wanted to have a website that it could easily update on their own. In addition, they wanted to have a way of taking donations online.


Northern Villiage worked with Hopewell to take their existing website content and other marketing material to have the base of the new site. After reviewing the content created the design based on existing marketing material, and make sure it worked in a web context. The donations are taken using Canada Helps. This website was customized for viewing on all screen sizes and devices.