Hooping for Hunger

Hooping for hungerClient

Hooping for Hunger is a hula-hoop-a-thon presented by Flow Office Wisdom which aims to raise funds for and increase education around hunger issues both locally and globally.

Client goals

Flow Office Wisdom wanted a visually appealing and basic site that could promote registration for their annual Hooping for Hunger event. They wanted to showcase the money being raised, photos and videos from last years event, and to highlight the charities they would be supporting with the funds raised.


Northern Villiage worked with Flow Office Wisdom to create the basic design elements for the site and to combine them into something that would be user friendly for all demographics. We included registration forms and buttons, links to social media, and a easily updatable thermometer so visitors could see the total that was being donated. This website was customized for viewing on all screen sizes and devices.