Upper Canada Stretchers


Upper Canada Stretchers Website ThumbnailUpper Canada Stretchers specializes in the crafting of professional stretchers, made with the best designs and materials found anywhere on the planet; the finest quality kiln-dried pine, finger-jointed and laminated for extra strength in larger thicknesses and lengths, or solid wood for purists and conservators. Their clientele includes artists, photographers, galleries, conservators, print makers, collectors, and art supply stores at every level of ability and professional status.

C‎lient Goals

Upper Canada Stretchers wanted to upgrade and enhance their WordPress/WooCommerce website and e-commerce platform to one that was more robust and could be easily updated. While moving the site over, they wanted to make sure that the organization of the website was more intuitive, and it was easier for visitors to navigate the website. One of the most important requirements for the site was to retain the ability to order custom frames by length and width to within 1/8". The website is also used as an information resource for artists to learn about the types of materials they can be using in their art, with samples from other artists.


Northern Village worked with Upper Canada Stretchers  to re-organize the complex website to ensure that the functionality required was still in place. We made use of several of our important integrations to complete the site. These included:

  • Working with Upper Canada Stretchers to create better organization for the website
  • Integrating our Village CMS and Shopify, so that the end user experience is the same on both platforms, and can seamlessly go between the website and Shopify, as if it is one website
  • Custom coding a Shopify integration to be able to generate the price based on custom lengths and widths and generate the price through the use of an equation rather than the product variants
  • Integrating with Bold Commerce Cashier and Multi-Currency app to be able to charge in CDN$ or US$ based on location
  • Devising and implementing a shipping calculator that allows for an accurate UPS Shipping price for calculated products
  • Providing a (Formstack) form for the ability to have a Quote rather than ordering through the shopping cart for orders needing a PO and for specialty items
  • Providing training to ensure the website can be easily updated on an ongoing basis.