Taste deTours


Taste deTours Taste deTours is run by Lynn Broughton, a Guelph-based, self-professed Gastro Nomad, with 21 years of experience with food, events, arts & culture and tourism. She is a certified Food Tour Professional, has a love for Guelph, and is sweet on it's distinct food culture. Each Taste deTour visits 6 -8 (or more!) different downtown Guelph restaurants and businesses to enjoy our regional cuisine and learn about the people behind the restaurants, pubs and specialty food shops.

Client Goals

Taste deTours was frustrated with her WordPress, specifically because it was difficult to edit the posts, the images were not appearing on social media and generally did not want to do upgrades. Lynn wanted to be able to easily update her website, and not have to worry about upgrades.


 Northern Village in collaboration with Flow Office Wisdom worked with Lynn to move the site over to the Northern Village CMS. As part of the process, looked at ways of improving the carousel and some of the layout (in particular the home page), so that it worked better across all screen sizes.