School Board Admin / Professional Certificates


Professional CertificatesThe University of Guelph's Open Learning and Educational Support (Open Ed) has offered the Diploma in School Board Administration and various elective/Certificate courses related to different professional fields (i.e. HR, IT, Facilities, etc.) for a number of years.   The target audience for these Certificates/elective courses has expanded in recent year to include public sector employees and the general business community. To market to this new target audience, OpenEd wanted to create a new online location that clearly communicated the available Certificates and courses and showcased their unique structure and format.   

Client goals

The client chose to market the Certificates under the name Professional Certificates through website Further, the School Board Admin website was updated. It was very important to make the pages easily navigable, and to be able to sign up for more information, whether through a link to the mailing list, downloading resources or looking up courses. The look of the site needed to be line with University of Guelph standards and be linked with the University's registration system.


Northern Village assisted Open Ed in organizing the two websites, to ensure they spoke to the distinct target markets and tailored them for the specific course structure. Separate designs were created for each site including having each Certificate within Professional Certificates have its own banner. An FAQ section was given its own subpage, allowing for the easy addition of questions with an automatically added ‘go-to-the-top’ link under each question. Northern Village also integrated Constant Contact mailing list software into the website.

The site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, tablets and computer screens, while having the content entered only once. The site was also secured to allow for course login from the website.