Rob Garrick


Rob GarrickReal-estate agent Rob Garrick has exceeded millions in sales each year since acquiring his license in 1985 and as his success continues to grow he still practices his well respected ‘hands on’ approach. As shown by his record of selling 9 out of 10 houses he lists, his method of providing excellent service to the City of Guelph works brilliantly.

Client Goals

Rob Garrick’s goals were to provide good value for his clients and to show his love for the City of Guelph and it’s people through a clean and clear web presence. To provide this value to his clients, he wanted to feature the promotion of their properties, provide home selling tips and share his expertise. Finally, Rob wanted to portray the personal touch that he extends to all his clients through his site.


Northern Village created a site that works on all devices, that his staff can easily update through the power of our CMS. We created a clean and professional site that exemplifies the diverse nature of the Guelph area that Rob Garrick serves so well.