PR88 is a product line of industrial skin care offered by pr88 websiteThomas Machinery, a company founded in 1985  to focus in industrial products dedicated to the specialized field of workers safety. The company prides itself in its commitment to quality and prompt service with 90% of their sales going to satisfied repeat customers.

Client Goals

The website needed an update including a new logo and website that uses a modern, responsive design which best highlights their different products. The old site which consisted of too much text and wanted the new one to be hightly visual to convey their value. It was important that each product was showcased on its own page using high quality images and be accessibly by end clients and distributors alike. The client also needed a new home page that would link visitors to important information on the site as well as quick links to all the products, proper use and distributor information.


Northern Village began by collecting all the marketing documents (brochures, pamphlets, posters, distributor information, etc.) for one of Thomas Machinery's best product line. High quality graphics and marketing material were added and the text was reduced and reorganized to better fit the client's goals. The home page was designed to be one long page with multiple sections that break down the company's value following a layout similar to another site that the client liked. Overall the website was developed and designed following the client's goals, all while ensuring it was responsive, AODA compliant and very easy to update.