Ludviks Designs


Ludviks Designs - Jewellery and moreElizabete Ludviks is an award-winning jeweller whose signature style is sculptural yet light, pieces that strike a balance between architectural and organic, fragile and strong, geometric and yet playful. Her work is produced primarily in sterling silver and other metals with found objects, stones and currently she is experimenting with some 3D printed hand dyed components.

Client goals

Elizabete wanted to update her website to better reflect the wider variety of jewellery she is creating. This included haveing better organization of her Shopify store, a consistent, updated design on both the main site and the store. She also wanted to add a comprehensive overview of her custom jewellery.


Northern Village created a new design that would work on both the main site and the online store. The menu is consistenct between the sites, so visitors can seamlessly as if it is one site. The Shopify store was updated by ratiionalizing the categories so the store can be navigated by jewellery type (i.e. bracelets, earrings, etc.) or by jewellery category (i.e. Bud Branch and Bloom, Cube and Pearl, etc.). The custom jewellery is displayed on a full-page gallery with thumbnails showing the range of items available. Of course, the site is easily updated, works on all major browers, screen types and accessiblity devices.