Denegri Bessai Studio

Denegri Bessai StudioClient

Denegri Bessai Studio was established in 2013 by partners Tom Bessai and Maria Denegri. The studio is built upon a rich history of collaboration. The work has won numerous design awards, and has appeared in a range of local and international publications including Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail, Canadian Architect, Azure and Plan Magazine.

C‎lient Goals

Denegri Bessai Studio‎ had two websites ( and that were customized on WordPress, and as such were not easily upgradable and were getting notices that their website could be compromised. They came to Northern Village to move the websites over while maintaining the complete design of the website including the highly customized project page. Also, it was very important that they would never have to worry about upgrades.


Northern Village moved the content over from the old websites, and reconstructed the design using the bootstrap framework. In the process, the mobile experience was improved, including scaling of images and better menu and navigation. ‎The end result was websites with the same (improved) design, including customized home page, that never has to be upgraded.



Ps. Once we had moved the content over for the site, one of them was hacked and was shut down. Northern Village finished applying the design that day, so the site was only down for a few hours.