Coaching for Leadership


Coaching for LeadershipCoaching for Leadership is Canada’s only exclusively online leadership coaching program. This program is offered through the Centre of Open Learning and Educational Support and the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. The program has been designed for supervisors, managers, human resource professionals or anyone with a direct report who want to build their leadership skills and learn how to engage their employees using a coach approach to communication and performance management.

Client goals

As many university websites tend to be confusing and cumbersome, it was very important, especially as this is an exclusively online course, to make the webpages as clear and concise as possible. The client wanted a website that was easy to update and navigate while maintaining the aesthetic appeal needed to spark interest in the course. It was necessary to maintain both a separation and affiliation with the University in order for the course to create its own identity while remaining linked to the university’s registration site as well as highlighting the courses accreditation through the University.


Northern Village created a straightforward website using our CMS in order to intrigue and engage prospective students. As the course is offered exclusively online, it was essential to make it as comprehensible and organized as possible. A registration link was uploaded in order to easily connect students to the university’s registration homepage. An FAQ section was given its own sub page, allowing for the easy addition of questions with an automatically added ‘go-to-the-top’ link under each question. A course log in for students was also implemented in order for students to access the online course and obtain course updates and learning resources.

The site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, tablets and computer screens, while having the content entered only once.