Move your website

Northern Village can move your current website over to our easily updated website platform.  Whether your website is just a few pages, or thousands of pages, we have tools to move it quickly and cost effectively. We can keep the same design, or you can take the opportunity to improve the navigation or refresh your design. See our portfolio for who we helped.

Shape your story

Northern Village has helped many businesses, charities and community organizations tell their stories on the web. We take a content driven approach to showcase your unique story, and we match it with a design that reflects the brand you want to portray to your clients. Take a closer look at our website approach.

Don't sweat the details

Websites have many behind-the-scene details that you shouldn't have to worry about.  These include making sure your website works on all different screen sizes, accessibility devices and different browsers, ensuring that there are no broken links, adding analytics to see your website performance, adding a favicon, encryption, SEO and more.  With a Northern Village website, we take care of that for you.