Recently, the Stanley Thompson Society revamped its website. We needed to upgrade our software platform to allow easier interaction for our members with the Society and to add functionality like our on-line store. Northern Village led the charge for us from beginning to end.

Northern Village was invaluable to us. No one at the Society is overly ‘tech savvy’. I would be better characterized as ‘tech challenged’. We needed to be led by the hand through software selection, website design and content loading. Northern Village bent over backwards to help us out. They completed the work on time and on budget. We have received many compliments on the new website and experienced a noticeable spike in new members following the launch of the website.

The Stanley Thompson Society can’t thank Amanda and Arni enough for their tremendous help and patience. I would enthusiastically recommend Northern Village to any organization with similar needs.

Grant Forrest
Stanley Thompson Society


We are a small business who were looking to make our website current and accessible. We chose Northern Village to help update our site as they came highly recommended from other satisfied clientele. We were not disappointed!

When you work with Northern Village you get the sense they are committed to their business, which makes us confident that they will be around to support us when our website needs updating/changing in future years.

Both Arni and Amanda are skilled and efficient, pleasant to work with and responded quickly to all of our questions and concerns. Amanda promptly and patiently replies to our many queries, and typically has any of our requests completed within a day!

Hilary Stonehouse, Co-founder
Grand River Physiotherapy


Arni Mikelsons has been my go-to web person for years and he is just simply outstanding--a problem-solver, a person who tailors and personalizes solutions to any number of web-related issues, a great listener and keen advocate for the power of the Internet to make a difference. He's got great technical chops and stellar personal integrity. His ability to focus in on time sensitive projects and to work however long it takes to get things done has been a life-saver for me on many, many occasions. Plus he's a local businessman with great acumen and a strong commitment to local community who has continuously made himself available and volunteered his time in situations where his talents have been needed. Arni connects people, offers astute advice on a wide range of web-related challenges, and is incredibly collegial and personable in how he handles challenging situations. I LOVE working with him!

Daniel Fischlin
University Research Chair / Professor
Director, Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP)
International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI)
School of English and Theatre Studies
University of Guelph


I totally love working with the software and NV. It’s much more than updating only. The effectiveness of the site is infinitely enhanced since we were able to manage and enhance our our own content, design and access— 
The transfer and initial support needed by the Webmaster was absolutely great.
Sya VanGeest

Every time I go to our Web site to grab a link for someone, I am pleased by the new format. Thanks so much!

Liz Dent, Executive Director
Ed Video Media Arts Centre


Northern Village has hosted my website for over seven years and I've lost count of the number of times I've updated the content. It's so easy. When I think about the content I want to change up that's ALL I have to think about. Putting the content on my website is a snap.

Anne Brett Hall, Founder
Red Door Wordsmithing 

Writing content for a website and deciding how to market it is very hard. I was near tears on several occassions but Arni was comfortably able to sort through and orgainze all of my content, which brought the clarity I needed. The organization he did make the content better for marketing and sales, made it more accessible to visitors, and it made me look smarter!

The CMS is a what-you-see is what-you-get that is perfect for a simple person with not a lot of technical background. You don't need constant assistance from a web developer like you would with other CMSs. The site has never crashed, and the staff at Northern Village are always availasble to help and get back to you. They always respond within the same day. Who could ask for more?

Linda Fairburn, President
Make Things Happen

Working with Arni at Northern Village has been fantastic for my business. Not only have I saved money and time now that I can update my website myself, I can also call them anytime if I need help.

Barbara Robinson
River Road Creative

Thank you Northern Village, for helping us get operational with Freshbooks. We are seeing across the board improvements — keeping better track of our time, capturing more billable hours, and invoicing with a lot less pain.

Don Huff, Principal
Environmental Communications Options