Northern Village Team

Northern Village has a small, yet dedicated team to take care of your website needs.


Arni MikelsonsArni Mikelsons


Arni Mikelsons has been building websites since the beginning of the Internet. He founded Northern Village to help small businesses, organizations and charities have easily updated websites. He combines his software experience at Open Text and Burntsand with his care for the community to deliver purpose-driven websites.



Ieva Van Geest MikelsonsIeva Van Geest Mikelsons

Website Entrepreneur

Ieva has a passionate interest in all aspects of the Northern Village community. Her focus on writing and content helps bring our content to life. When she is not working on our websites, she has a keen interest in baking, staying active and current events





Gord AuldGord Auld

Designer and Illustrator

Gord Auld is a graphic artist based in Guelph and is the main designer for Northern Village. Gord takes care to understand the needs of the client website, taking in all the brand elements (or create them if necessary) to ensure that his designs enhance the messages that are being conveyed.


Amanda KohlerAmanda Kohler

Website Entrepreneur

Amanda Kohler is passionate about market research, digital marketing, consumer behavior, and data analytics. She works website, social media, and blog content, to focus on gathering feedback to continue the improvement of the product.


Rob McleanRob McLean

Marketing and Strategy Specialist

Rob has been helping brands, businesses and organizations to communicate with efficiency and effectiveness for almost twenty years. He wants Northern Village clients' communications to be compelling, straightforward and effective. He is currently an Instructor of Marketing at the University of Guelph.