Why we use the Liquid templating language

Liquid is an open source project created by Shopify, and the basis of the Shopify e-commerce platform and by the YikeSite Content Management System, in addition to many other hosted web applications.

There are two main reasons to like Liquid.

  1. The power of simplicity
  2. Robust architecture

Power of simplicity

Liquid is a simple templating language, which is very easy to think that it is not very powerful. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The simplicity allows for nice logical constructs that fit nicely together and that are in the HTML layer, instead of having to program in php, C++, Django, Ruby or the like. It reads close enough to HTML that someone familiar with viewing source code could understand what is happening.

Robust architecture

Liquid is constructed as an HTML templating layer that sits on top of the server code, which has a number of advantages. First, logins to customize the websites remain at the HTML layer, specifically, users have no need to log into the server itself. Second, the functions that are called from liquid can be modified in such a way that the functions can evolve, and do not require server upgrades. Both Shopify and YikeSite have never required that website software be upgraded for system reasons. We like that security.