Cali Marketing Communications

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Cali Marketing Communications gives you the marketing tools you need to build strong business relationships. It does so through various marketing strategies, event management, building effective websites, and designing advertising and public relations campaigns. The company's team of professionals includes experienced marketing and public relations strategists, event planners, art directors, graphic designers, and website designers.

Client goals

Cali was seeking a website that would be easily updatable and clearly convey the company's focus. Because the company wanted to be able to showcase promotional samples on its website, it needed a simple way to build a gallery.


The website was developed using the Northern Village CMS, that allows Cali staff to easily edit their site. Northern Village provided some basic advice on how to structure the content. The client already had a logo, which informed the design that was collaboratively created by Cali and NV. The look and feel of the site is bright, clean, and fresh--which reflects the positive experience Cali wants its customers to have in using its services. The gallery shows ad copy written by Cali in the original ads.