Spruce Ridge Kennels


Spruce Ridge KennelsSpruce Ridge Kennels, run by the Wideman Family, provides family raised puppies bread for personality and offers potential buyers hypoallergenic, and non-shedding dogs. Their state of the art registered kennel is located in Waterloo county near St Jacobs and services Kitchener / Waterloo, St. Jacobs, Toronto, and Guelph, Ontario.

Client goals

The client wanted to take their existing Northern Village site that showcases the different puppies they have for sale and update it so it is fully responsive and accessible for all.


Northern Village updated the existing Spruce Ridge Kennel website to make it function on all screen sizes and accessibility technologies. Throughout the update we kept the branding of the site the same, while updating the design to be fully responsive.

With this update they also gained access to the new help instructions in the editing software to improve their ability to update the site themselves. This provided a way of updating what puppies are available in real time so potential customers can see photos of the currently available puppies.