HR Diploma Management


HR DiplomaThe Diploma in Human Resources Management course is offered by University of Guelph's Open Learning and Educational Support (Open Ed). The program links theory with practice in order to develop HR core competencies and the business acumen of a Certified Human Resource Professional.

Client goals

Open Ed wanted to have a simple, effective and easily updated website to replace its aging one. It was very important to make the pages easily navigable, and to be able to sign up for more information, whether through a link to the mailing list, downloading resources or looking up courses. The look of the site needed to be line with University of Guelph standards and be linked with the University's registration system.


Northern Village created an easily updated website using our CMS to showcase the HR Management Diploma program. The course schedule is available on the home page and throughout the site for easy access to the start dates of the different courses. An FAQ section was given its own sub page, allowing for the easy addition of questions with an automatically added ‘go-to-the-top’ link under each question. Northern Village also set up an integration with Constant Contact mailing list software.

The site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices, tablets and computer screens, while having the content entered only once.