Guelph Hort(iculture)


Guelph Hort(iculture)Open Learning and Educational Support (Open Ed) offers innovative, high quality professional development programs in Horticulture, Landscape Design, Turfgrass Management, Sustainable Urban Horticulture and Sustainable Urban Agriculture.  These programs provide participants with an opportunity to earn a University of Guelph credential while developing competencies and skills in their fields of practice.  

Client Goals

Open Learning and Educational Support wanted to create a website that would provide easy navigation and engage participants to register for programs.   Additionally they wanted to provide an easy way to sign up for mailing lists and access the online learning management system through a learning portal where online courses reside.  Since all of the program information about the Certificates and Diplomas is included on the new Guelph Hort(iculture) website, it was important to provide a clear way for potential students to gain the information that they need.  


Northern Village created a website that is easily updated and works on all devices.  The design we created was reflective of the fact that many of the courses have their own specific focus, so the background of the site changes depending on which certificate or diploma one is viewing.