Andre Hueniken - Guelph Family Law


Guelph Family LawAndre Hueniken is a Guelph-based lawyer specializing in family law and mediation as well as wills and general estate planning. As a lawyer and mediator, he has assisted clients with family law matters for over ten years. His continuing professional development has focused on mediation.

Client goals

Andre was seeking to update his Northern Village website and promote it as Guelph Family Law. He wanted a new look and feel, adapted to his law practice that includes mediation as a big part of his practice. He also wanted a website that helped clients understand that there are many options available to them to solve their unique problems, as well as one that conveyed that support for clients facing the difficult personal challenges of separation and divorce.


Northern Village implemented the site using our easily updated CMS, that allows clients to update their own website. The focus was to make the website mobile friendly by ensuring it was responsive and having scrolling pages, and is easier for visitors to consume information by scrolling rather than clicking through the site. The main menu scrolls through the home page, while services and contact are on static pages.