Portfolio Overview

Spider WebNorthern Village takes a "village" approach to creating websites.

Our range of clients reflects the diversity of our village inhabitants. We've served businesses, charities and community organizations, marketing companies, arts organizations and artists, and everything else in between.

The following are the latest websites we've produced, along with brief statements about their intended purposes:

  • Guelph Hort(iculture) - To provide potential students with the relevant information to enroll in courses to obtain certificates or diplomas in horticulture, landscape and turf.
  • Make Things Happen - To provide general information about the importance of succession planning and Northern Village created a clearly focused and easily navigated site.
  • Rob Garrick - Created a clean professional site for this Guelph based Real Estate that provides his clients value through showcasing their properties and sharing his expertise.
  • Kyle Mackie - To have a professional online presence in the form of a website that he can update himself and showcases the work he does in in teaching and learning online environments
  • Ontario Commercial Fisheries - To have an up to date site that highlights relevant information about the organization and the work they do through research and events.
  • The Event Film - A site that shows the films they have previously created such as fundraising videos, campaigns, events, awareness campaigns, tourism videos, community and business events
  • Don Russell - A minimalist website that focuses on the art of Don Russell.