Northern Village takes a "village" approach to creating websites. Our range of clients reflects the diversity of our village’s inhabitants: we’ve served businesses, charities and community organizations, marketing companies, arts organizations and artists, and everything else in between.

The following are the latest websites we've produced, along with brief statements about their intended purposes:

Denegri Bessai Studio - To move over their WordPress architecture websites to Northern Village so they they could be easily updated and never needed upgrading.

Locate It Inc - To have a professional online presence in order to reach a wider market where potential clients could book a detailed locate right online

Kazolu - To create a modern looking website that conveyed the storytelling aspect of their services that include ideas, writing, video and speaking

Stanley Thompson Society - To expertly consolidate and organize three websites into one, plus integrate an eCommerce store using our Shopify SDK

Karin Silverstone - To showcase incredible old and new art on all types of devices